If Logic did Christmas – Your Logic team update

We know this isn’t going to be a normal festive season. Restrictions on the number of households that can meet indoors and outdoors, or in public spaces, means we will all have to rethink our plans.

We won’t be able to hold our traditional office lunch in December, but this got us thinking… What would Christmas look like if the team spent it together? And who would be in charge of the different elements?

The Christmas Tree

Obviously, there are Twelve Days of Christmas, but our Logic festive event would have to start well before that with the buying of a top-notch tree. Harmit would take us all off to Tree Barn at the appropriately named Christmas Common near Watlington to get one of the best.

Emma would lead us to Millets Farm near Abingdon to buy the decorations, but we sense that the dressing of the tree may need to be shared. Vicki has strict rules for the correct order – largest baubles at the bottom, progressively smaller as you go up with tinsel looping round in perfect circles.

Once we get to Christmas Eve, it would all be round to Katie’s for an evening’s viewing of a seasonal film (popcorn optional). Then we’d head off for midnight mass as we see in the big day.

The Big Day

Although the offer of a box of Celebration chocolates for breakfast at Katie’s is tempting, we think that Vicki would definitely have to be in charge of breakfast on ‘the Big Day’.

We would get served a ‘proper breakfast’ of scrambled or poached eggs and smoked salmon, presented on the best china with glasses and cutlery that come out only at Christmas or very special occasions. To seal the deal, we’d also be allowed to each open ONE present before breakfast.

For the main event, it is heavily rumoured that Guy actually uses a spreadsheet to get the timings right for the turkey and trimmings – something to do with years spent driving multiple meals around the M25 apparently. Don’t ask.

Everyone would look on in wonderment as Lindsey lit up her homemade Christmas pudding, following the same recipe that has been in her family for more than 50 years!

But the true highlight of a Logic Christmas would have to be joining Susi in her annual “dressing of the ponies” in festive gear.

Typically, this would involve a ride or walk around the local woods in Marlow Common, which is popular with dog walkers and families so we would be guaranteed some smiles and comments.

In a normal year, we might even be allowed to stop off at a local pub so Harj could get the mulled wines in, before donning the Santa outfit and handing out the presents!

There can’t be many better ways for getting into the festive spirit!

However, you get to spend the festive season, have a peaceful, healthy, and relaxing time. Enjoy!

[Pictured: The three big ponies (L to R) Murphy, Peggy, and Ladybird, with Archie in the front.]