Vicki McKernaghan

Client Services Administrator

Vicki joined Logic in 2016, is our Client Services Administrator and has formed many a good working relationship with our clients. As a vital member of the team, one of the many areas Vicki gets involved in is organising our (occasionally infamous) Logic team social events.

What the team says:

“Vicki is our team player. She is a vital member of the Logic team as she’s always concerned for our well-being and looks after us. We can sometimes get a bit too serious and “heads down” so, mindful of the need to chill out every so often, we have adopted the slogan #BeMoreVicki to remind us to look up and smile.”

What Vicki says:

“I’ve been at Logic for a few years now and I’m no longer the newbie! Now that Susi is our Operations Manager I have taken on more of the client administration work and I’m relishing being more involved.”