Susi Addiscott

Operations Manager

With around twenty years’ knowledge and experience in financial services behind her, Susi puts her great organisation skills to good effect and runs the operational side of the business as our Operations Manager.

Meet Susi:

Summer or winter?
I’m a big fan of extremes so will go with both. Summer when it’s hot and dry like a desert. Winter when we get proper snow.

What’s your favourite food?
Probably a full-on Sunday Roast, with all the trimmings, followed by apple crumble or sticky toffee pudding. Yes, very English.

Spender or saver?
I’d love to have some left at the end of the month, but it all goes on bills (the joys of single parenthood).

What do you consider your best purchase?
My daughter’s horse. She keeps both of us active and out in the countryside, away from screens. She is also the best listener when you have had a bad day.