Lindsey Hamilton


Lindsey is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. She is qualified to advise on all aspects of financial planning. As a Later Life Accredited Adviser, she can also advise on care fees planning.

Meet Lindsey:

What’s the most frustrating things about the industry?
The constant government tinkering and changing the rules. Hardly a year goes by without them altering something to do with pensions, for example.

What’s on the top shelf of your fridge right now?
Lots of old jars containing things that probably should have been thrown out a while back.

Paperback or Kindle?
I inherited my late father-in-law’s selection of Kindles and have not looked back since.

Quiet night in or out partying?
Anything that involves singing and dancing – preferably loud enough so others can’t actually hear me sing.