Harmit Heer


Harmit is a director and co-owner of Logic, currently studying for the Chartered Tax Adviser qualification. She is the most popular member of the team as her role as finance director means she’s responsible for paying our salaries!

Meet Harmit:

Tea or coffee?
Has to be tea and has to be Yorkshire tea (and I will know if it’s not Yorkshire!).

Red or white wine?
Any will do, although I’d probably favour a decent red. Having said that, I have recently developed a love for a chilled Pinot blush.

Saver or spender?
I try to be a saver, but to be honest I can’t deny I do know how to spend!

Quiet night in or out on the town?
A nice relaxing night in is always welcome although I do love a good boogie. The latter of course requires the right shoes (see saver vs spender above!).