A night at the races

After the success of our first Logic team social earlier this year, our follow-up event took place in mid-May as we headed for a night at the races in Windsor.

A couple of late withdrawals meant more fish and chips for the rest of us as we settled down in a very sunny Grandstand Enclosure.

As previous articles may have mentioned, we’re quite a fairly competitive bunch here at Logic so you may not be surprised to hear someone – no names, no clues – had spent time fully researching the runners ‘n riders beforehand. In fact, said individual had even created a spreadsheet to pick out fancied horses which inside knowledge suggested would finish first. This approach caused much derision as these carefully researched bets consistently came in second (with bets placed to win only, as apparently each-way bets “are not real betting“!).

Another Logic team member chose to bet only on the horse with the longest odds. Not surprisingly, this “rank outsider” approach was also doomed to failure.

The rest of us preferred the time-honoured ‘I like that name’ approach, which brought moderate rewards with most of us just about breaking even!

By far the most successful part of the evening for some of our team, however, was the discovery that the Windsor racecourse is on the Heathrow arrivals flight path and that there is an ‘app’ that tells you the detail of every single plane passing overhead.  This led to a number of our team encouraging the runners with cries of ‘oh look an Airbus A380’!  Which I am sure they found very encouraging.

With the team pooling what resources they had, we did in fact manage to get a placing in the final race of the day. So the vast winnings (a whole £19) will bolster the budget for the next team outing; we cannot wait to see what that might bring!