A new look for Logic!

Some news! We recently decided that it’s time to refresh our look & feel. So we’ll shortly be rolling out a new brand for Logic.

In the few years since the company started, we’ve changed quite a bit: we’ve doubled in size and taken on a wide range of new clients.  Needless to say, we loved our old logo but felt it was time to move on.

About the new Logic logo

We partnered with a small creative design agency based in our home town of Watlington to create a new logo that better matches what we are: a chartered financial planning firm that helps clients “make the most of what they have, to enable them to do the things they want to do”.

For those of you who enjoy the more creative side of life

Our marketing director Guy Woodward said: “We wanted something that is modern, bright, dynamic, professional and confident.”

Our new blue represents trust, dignity and authority, we’ve added a teal for its refreshing and calming qualities, the yellow (yes, there will be some yellow!) represents happiness and warmth while the grey is contemporary and sophisticated.” [Rumour has it that at this very point the Logic team commented: so there you have it…if you’re a grey-haired marketing director, you’re “contemporary and sophisticated”; we’ve always wondered about that!].

Looking ahead

Over the next few months, we’ll be replacing everything you see with the new logo. We wanted to let you know about it through this blog so you won’t be too surprised when you see it on our soon-to-be-launched new website, or a personalised financial planning report prepared for you by one of the Logic team, or on our social media channels like Twitter or LinkedIn.

We hope you like this new look & feel for Logic!