ColoursIt’s been a great first year for us here at Logic Financial Services. So much so in fact that we’ve recently taken to thinking about how we can best expand if we continue to grow at the same rate.

We’re based in Oxfordshire (with a smattering of St Albans thrown in just to appease Guy) and have recently been having all manner of discussions about where would be the best places to live and work…if money was no object.

Our research has thrown up a great list of the Top Ten Best Cities in the World (shamelessly lifted from the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Ranking and report, August 2014)

Rank City Country
1 Melbourne Australia
2 Vienna Austria
3 Vancouver Canada
4 Toronto Canada
5 Adelaide Australia
6 Calgary Canada
7 Sydney Australia
8 Helsinki Finland
9 Perth Australia
10 Auckland New Zealand


(The report is a data driven ranking based on 30 qualitative and quantitative factors spread across five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, healthcare and environment.)

This is certainly an impressive list. However, although we like to dream, we’re very happy where we are in Watlington for now with its local market, butchers, bakers and cake makers!