Thanks for visiting our website – not only is the site new but we are too! We launched the company in November 2014 but each of us has many years’ experience at helping others have a better financial future.

Many people have asked us about the company name and why ‘Logic’? Well, the name sums up our approach to financial planning – we want everything to be logical, clear and straightforward.

We’re a small company and work with a select group of clients. We will never forget that we’re dealing with people not numbers and can provide a personal service rather than a regimented one so often seen from larger organisations.

We want our clients to make the most of their assets to help them lead a financially secure life and be able to leave a lasting legacy from generation to generation. That’s why our motto is to get things right, provide the right advice at the right time…. every time.

We’ve got some exciting plans for the coming months so bookmark this page and check back here regularly.

Welcome to the world of Logic …