Autumn of your life fav

Just like the old days of working through the night to bring you all the news from the latest Budget, we’ve come up with a rather detailed look at what the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, laid out in his Autumn Statement yesterday (Wednesday 23 November).

The Chancellor stated the changes will make the UK economy ‘match fit’ while the Shadow Chancellor said they laid the foundation for six more wasted years.

We’ll be looking at the main points in the coming days and posting some analysis on our website. But in short:

  • There was some bad news about the outlook for the British economy, with the national debt predicted to peak at 90.2% of GDP.
  • For individuals, there were announcements of higher personal allowances and a rise in the higher rate tax threshold.
  • For once, pensions were only given a light touch (although as ever, the devil is in the detail) but we are pleased to see efforts to reduce scams through a move to ban pension cold calling.
  • Savers may be interested in the announcement of a new National Savings & Investments savings bond next year which is expected to offer interest of 2.2% (on savings up to £3,000 per person) over a three-year term

It’s all in here: Logic’s 2016 Autumn Statement (in detail)

For more on the Autumn Statement, or if you just want to get a fresh opinion on your current plans, simply use the Talk to Us link above.