It had been over a year now since I joined the team at Logic so I am no longer the newbie. Susi and I now have our own separate office and have a lot of laughs while working very hard. My Northern Irish accent is usually at the centre of most of the fun with Susi having to translate. When I get a nod of the head or a vague yes to a question or statement I usually know that I haven’t been understood – it can work to my advantage as well. The banter is all taken in good fun – its being part of the “Logic team”.

I am getting to know the clients now and forming a good working relationship with them which I feel is important and they are a part of this ever-growing family called “Logic”.

With exams coming up later this year I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.

Outside Work

My life outside work is full of the joys of having a very boisterous 3 ¾ yr old son called Luka. Like most little boys he is full of energy and rascality. There is the never-ending questions – why, but why and still more why, but we love him to bits and enjoy every minute.

We have just recently purchased a Motorhome which gives us the opportunity to head off every available weekend we can and explore this country we live in. We have been down towards Cornwall, up to the top of Scotland and over to Home – Northern Ireland. Next year we hope to take it across to the Continent and widen our horizons as well as educating Luka. Like most things in my life it has a name – Sally (my car is called Ronnie – I know I’m sad). I really love the freedom it gives us without the worry of trying to find a bed for the night and it’s a great adventure for Luka.

I, of course, still go to “Heaven – Old Trafford” to see my beloved Man Utd and will again be in the stands singing and chanting the boys to victory. I am hoping for an even more successful year this season.

In keeping up the Celtic Tradition (my family and my husband’s families originally came from Scotland to Northern Ireland) Nigel plays the Highland Bagpipes in a Competition Pipe Band which takes us to different parts of the country most weekends during the summer for competitions. It’s like another large family as you see the same people every weekend during the summer months who all enjoy the same thing.  Nigel also plays at functions such as Weddings, Corporate Events, Funerals etc. as well as what is now a regular event “Burns Supper”.

We also both love ballroom dancing but since the arrival of Luka that has had to take a little bit of a back seat for the time being for the both of us to attend. I however, go every Tuesday night to our little club and one Saturday night a month to a dance. In November each year I go off to the Seaside for a Weekend of Dancing with the club – Friday to Sunday night – great fun but sore feet by the time Monday morning comes and home time!