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Autumn round-up

This month – are you a net contributor to the state system? who takes the most out (and who pays the most in?);  capping energy bills and increasing rental income.


Rental cost soars
The amount of rent paid on residential properties in the year to June was £54 billion, says the Financial Times, having

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Summer round-up

Childcare, property news, waiting longer for the State pension, student debt, care worries, losing out by not seeking help, fixing mortgage repayments, charitable donations on the up, and we’re not living as long as we thought we might!

All here – and more – in our Summer news round-up.


Summer childcare costs rise

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Guy’s grapevine

Every year I go cycling for charity – various distances, different challenges, all great causes.

The other thing these events all have in common is the encouragement I get from the rest of the Logic team…like

should you really wear lycra at your age?“,

try and get through fewer Mars bars

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The Chancellor’s first – and last – Spring Budget



You were in luck if you picked the word ‘fairness’ as part of the office Budget bingo sweepstake. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, used the word liberally in his hour-long Budget speech to the House of Commons.

He announced measures to level the tax playing field, and reiterated that the income tax

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The rising cost of age and health

rates up (inflation)The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) is the Government’s financial watchdog. Recently it has been mulling over future healthcare and pension costs.

In January it published its Fiscal Sustainability Report (which had, in fact, been due back in June last year but was put on hold after the Brexit

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