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The rising dividend and the falling pound

Dividends vs falling poundRecently released figures show that UK dividends grew faster than inflation in 2016.

The number crunchers at Capita Asset Services, one of the UK’s main share registrars, have been working out how much was paid out in dividends by UK listed companies in 2016.


The number they have

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U-Turn (if you want to)

U turn on self employed NICs


Just days after his (one & only) Spring Budget, the Chancellor announced that he would not after all go ahead with his proposal to increase the National Insurance Contribution rates for self-employed people.

During the Budget on 8 March 2017, he had announced that Class 4 NIC

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The Chancellor’s first – and last – Spring Budget



You were in luck if you picked the word ‘fairness’ as part of the office Budget bingo sweepstake. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, used the word liberally in his hour-long Budget speech to the House of Commons.

He announced measures to level the tax playing field, and reiterated that the income tax

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Take the time to check!

fca-scam-smart (image for article)

If you are contacted by someone offering an investment out of the blue, it is likely to be a scam. So put down the phone and delete that email straightaway!

Recent pension freedoms and low interest rates offering poor returns on savings are making those over 55 an increasingly

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