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news round up
Here’s our latest news round-up from reviewing the papers in recent days.

As ever, get in touch if you want to find out more about any of the stories covered. 


Why mortgage rates will rise
UK mortgage rates are about to rise, says the Telegraph. It says global financial factors are

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“Match fit economy” vs “more wasted years”

Autumn of your life fav

Just like the old days of working through the night to bring you all the news from the latest Budget, we’ve come up with a rather detailed look at what the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, laid out in his Autumn Statement yesterday (Wednesday 23 November).

The Chancellor stated the

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It’s coming: it’s here

news round upAs the nights draw in and the fallen leaves continue to delay your daily commute, all firms like to put things on their websites with “Winter” in the title.

And at Logic, we don’t like to disappoint…so here’s our Logic news (Winter 2016 edition).


So if you want a diversion

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State Pension Age: getting older?

state-pension-age-work-v-retire-imageThere was a time when it was all so simple: men drew their state pension from age 65 and women from age 60. That all started to change in the mid-1990s, when the Pensions Act 1995 set in train a phased increase in women’s state pension age (SPA) to 65 from

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Radical reform for pension contribution tax relief?

pension-tax-relief-autumn-statement-spinning-topIt may only be a week away, but the pre-Autumn Statement rumour mill is suggesting a radical reform of pension contribution tax relief.

Could tax relief for pension contributions be based on your age rather than the rate of income tax you pay?


It may sound strange, but one idea doing the

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Marmite pricing: the good news

love-hate-relationship-marmiteSterling’s fall is boosting dividend payments.

On the day of the referendum, a pound would buy you nearly $1.50. It dropped sharply in the wake of the vote and then spent about three months churning between roughly $1.35 and $1.30. October produced another leg down to the $1.22 area as a

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