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The tax implications of Brexit

Tax image24 June was a momentous day for the United Kingdom, as 52% of voters elected to leave the European Union (EU).

The political fallout of the referendum result has been immense for both major parties with the Prime Minister’s resigning from office.

With Theresa May now leading the Conservative Party

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Single-tier or No-tier? The DWP decides…

State pension imageThe Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is writing to over 100,000 people with bad news about their state pension!

The new single-tier state pension was launched in April of this year, but the way in which it was introduced has drawn much criticism.


The heavy emphasis given in

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Logic Bites: a Brexit special

Brexit image


Here’s a quick round-up of relevant news items following the recent EU referendum. It covers property, stocks and shares, insurance and mortgages following the decision to leave the EU. 

For more on any of these news items, or if you are concerned about how your financial plans may be affected,

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Logic Bites: our July news round-up


news round up

Early retirees, increasing gap for next home hunters, no limit on divorce claims, stealth taxes on the bereaved and buy-to-let mortgage falls…..all here – and more – in our July news round-up, Logic Bites.


One in three workers will be aged 50 or over by 2024
According to the Telegraph,

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Are your children already eyeing up their inheritance?

Household savingsRecent research shows that UK household savings are forecast to fall to their lowest rate in over 50 years.  

A report produced by the Centre for Economics and Social Research predicts that UK household savings will fall to just 3.8% of disposable income this year, its lowest level since

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