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Your bank rewards may be less than ‘interesting’

Cashback bank rewardsIt was all supposed to be so simple. Simple to understand; simple to calculate. If only…

The reality is that, despite what you and many others may think, not everything your bank pays you will count towards your personal savings allowance.  

It all sounded so straightforward when the personal savings allowance

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A vote for Brexit – where to now?

Brexit image



We woke up this morning to the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU. And while here at Logic we remain politically neutral, it was disappointing to see the amount of point-scoring amongst our political “leaders” before 7 am!

While the result surprised us given recent expert polls,

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Logic Bites: our June news round-up

news round upDeclining inheritances, care fees, renting vs buying, pocket money disparity, saving money on holiday spending…and should women be bolder when it comes to investing?

It’s all here – and more – in this month’s news round-up, Logic Bites.

Families consume retirees’ capital
The proportion of people retiring in 2016 who say

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A happy ending for a cautionary investment tale?

Premium bonds imageThe Treasury has issued a consultation paper on changes to the taxation of single premium investment bonds following a long-running tax tribunal case.   

These have long been a popular way of investing, with one of their plus points for many investors being that there is generally nothing to

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Are you paying more tax than you used to? Probably…

Tax (alternative) image Independent research shows that if you feel you’re paying more income tax than you used to, you’re probably right.  

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is an independent body that has established a reputation for objectivity in tax matters. Recently it looked at how the pattern of

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