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Become a millionaire in 16 years?

budget-saving-isaThe ISA allowance rises from £15,240 to £20,000 a year from April 2017 and the Sunday Times reckons this means a married couple could become ‘ISA millionaires’ in just 16 years if they both pay the maximum each year and earn an average annual return of 5% on their money.




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Breaking the PAYE code

PAYE codeIt’s the time of year when HMRC sends out PAYE codes for the new tax year and this time around your notification may look a little strange.





Usually adjustments are made for:

  • An increase in the personal allowance, which in 2016/17 will rise by £400 to £11,000;

The Third Budget within a year

Star swirl

This Budget looked as if it would be a difficult one for the Chancellor, faced as he was with disappointing economic numbers and the need to avoid ruffling feathers ahead of June’s in/out referendum. What was to have been the big announcement – reform of pensions – was kicked

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A new tax year is coming: time to get ahead?

start planning



As we near the end of the current tax year, now is the time to consider not only financial year end planning but also planning for the new tax year.



It is one of the features of the political cycle that the more difficult and less palatable legislation tends

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