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Our Top Tips on…financial budgeting – part 2: setting a budget

Cans If your finances are not in the greatest shape, read this second of our two articles in which Logic director Harj Heer gives his Top Tips on how to go about creating a budget.




1. Track your monthly spending
Many people don’t know how much they spend each month on

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Where there’s a Will, there’s a way. Right?

Spiral staircaseOne of our directors, Guy Woodward, openly admits that he’s at that stage in life when sometimes you just have to take stock and think about what the future may bring. And having a valid Will in place is high on the to-do list.

“Like others, I don’t like to

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Our Top Tips on…financial budgeting – part 1: dealing with debt

Pretty padlocksThe recent Tory budget promised to make us all better off; but not everyone is feeling so flush. If your finances are not in the greatest shape, you may be interested in our Top Tips on financial budgeting.

In this first of a two-part series, Logic director Harj Heer

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Go on, take a look…you know you want to!

financial-preservation-2Ever bought something new to wear, given it pride of place in your wardrobe then promptly forgotten about it? Hidden from view, rarely seen? 

The same could be said for your pension.

You may be the sort of person who took out a pension a few years ago and hasn’t checked

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The first Conservative Budget since 1996

financial-preservationWe’ve been waiting for this Budget with bated breath since the Conservatives won the election in May – and the Chancellor delivered a lot in his “big Budget” of Summer 2015.

In many ways, Mr Osborne’s announcements this time around are more important than in March, as this Budget sets

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